Utah Health Improvement Plan


What We're Doing

The Utah Department of Health with Utah’s 13 Local Health Districts' joined efforts to form and improve the public health system in Utah in 2010, initially focusing on improving collaboration, aligning funding, and extending the reach of the system under Statewide Health Improvement Plan. Over time, the list of collaborative partners has expanded to strengthen our public health efforts throughout Utah.

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Leadership Team

The Leadership consists of representatives from the 13 Utah Local Health Districts, the Utah Association of Local Health Departments Director, and Utah Department of Health executive leadership.
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Utah Public Health Partnership Goals

  • A unified and effective public health system
  • An adequately funded public health system
  • A public health positioned to revise and expand a comprehensive state improvement plan

Utah Health Improvement Plan (UHIP)

The purpose of the Utah Health Improvement Plan (UHIP) is to focus and unite the Utah Public Health System in efforts to improve the health of those who live in our beautiful state.

Utah Association of Local Health Departments

UALHD supports Utah's 13 local health departments in promoting and protecting public and environmental health through prevention and education.
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Utah Tribal Health Departments

Utah Tribal Health Departments raise the health status of Utah's American
Indian/Alaska Native population to that of Utah's general population.

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The Utah Department of Health

Our vision is for Utah to be a place where all people can enjoy the best health possible, where all can live, grow and prosper in healthy and safe communities.
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